May 10, 2014


To whom it may concern –


I am writing to compliment & recommend the incredible service, knowledge and value of Lis McKinley and her company, LetŐs Make Room.


We hired Lis to take care of every aspect of our move. We had moved several times within the last few years and we gave ourselves the gift of a Ňstress-freeÓ move by hiring LetŐs Make Room to do it.


Our first realization was that the value for money was more affordable then we had imagined. The value of resources and the sheer energy and hours she saved us were truly priceless. From an emotional standpoint, moving is very stressful. And we all know it puts your whole life into a tailspin not only for the weeks of packing and organizing you do ahead of the move, the labor intensive day of the move but then after all that effort, you are left in a swamp of boxes that takes months to unravel and organize. This is weeks of your life that Lis and her crew took care of (without any effort from us) in 3 days!


We experienced absolutely ZERO of this typical move stressÉZERO! It was a transformative, eye-opening moment and we will never move alone again! LetŐs Make Room is a MUST when it comes to moving.


Some key elements that struck me to show off the level of detail and service that this company provides.

á      Preparation: We were in an apartment complex so the extra steps (all initiated by Lis) of meeting the building manager, learning about the buildings particulars and potential pit falls as it related to our move and organizing around them in advance on her own so that we would have smooth sailing on move day.

á      Learned about our needs/concerns and made recommendations on what we should be thinking of and considering based on this.

á      Helped us isolate the items that were to be moved with items that we would donate and further helped move those items in advance of the move.

á      Gave us suggestions on how to save money in preparation of the packing of the unit

á      Reminding us to arrange for daycare for the dog on move day.

á      Pointers on what to keep aside for a go-to bag the day of the move so we didnŐt have that ŇOh dang itŐs packedÓ moment.

á      Clear expectations of how long the process would take and communication every step of the way.

á      Took pictures and notes of what items we wanted where as well as condition in case anything was damaged by movers we would have pre-move photos.

á      Took charge of the process from start to finish


On the days leading up to the move and the day of the move, Lis was in complete command, making sure everyone was prepped and ready to go for move day and kept us informed as the process unfolded.


On move day both my wife and I got up and went to work like it was any other day. It made us giddy!


Lis is a wonderful communicator and manager of details and all of her up front work made for a seamless move day.


Lis took such good care in understanding where we would want our belongings and with her organizer background, made wonderful suggestions that made the most of our space and how we might use it.  She made suggestions on storage/organization items that we might want to consider and even gave us coupons for stores where they are carried.


EVERY detail was considered. We came home the evening of the move with beds made, clothes put away, technology in place and she was even thoughtful enough to give us a box of delectable pastries so that we had something wonderful to have for breakfast the next day.


On day 2 she came back with her crew and completely finished putting all of our belongings away. Done. It was like we had always lived there!


On a final note, Lis is just lovely to work with. She is kind, smart, detailed and listens. It was a joy to be in her company and we felt really taken care of by her and her company. I am grateful for her service and will 100% use her in my next move.


Thank you Lis! –


Chimene & Jackie (and Little Ale)