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10 Ways to Make and Save Money Getting Organized

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Need an incentive to finally get organized? How about money? Of course getting organized will make you more productive at work or help you enjoy your life more at home but these days it’s all about “the Benjamins.” So because your time is money, here are just 10 simple ways you can make and save your money as you get out from under your clutter.

  1. Sell your good quality, “gently” used and unwanted stuff. You can do this online such as on ebay, Amazon, Etsy, Craigslist or if you prefer a more personal approach, take it to a local consignment shop or hold a garage or yard sale.
  2. Donate your stuff and get a tax deduction. Want to know how much your donated stuff is really worth? Check out
  3. Open your mail. You’ll be amazed when you find refund checks or other payments you overlooked. By doing so, you’ll avoid late fees or interest charges for unpaid or late bills.
  4. Organize your paper piles.  By doing so you’ll probably find some unused gift cards or gift certificates. One client of mine discovered a stock certificate worth $5,000.
  5. Organize your closet and find hidden money. It generally hides in places like your coat pockets, purses, between your sofa cushions and in those old pair of jeans you were planning to donate.
  6. Organize your pantry and avoid wasting money on duplicate items.  This way you avoid having ten cans of diced tomatoes when you only need two.
  7. Organize your kitchen so you can finally cook at home and avoid having to eat out or bring home expensive take-out food.
  8. Host a swap party to give away things to friends and get things for free that you otherwise might have purchased.
  9. Always ask yourself, “Do I really need this?”
  10. Unpack that box! The one you’ve taken with you (and probably paid your movers for taking) each time you’ve moved.