Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What should I expect from your service?

When you hire LET’S MAKE ROOM you can expect us to deliver thorough, professional and efficient home organizing services to you before or after moving, remodeling or simply to make more room in your home.  Regardless of size — one small closet or one large home —  we have been doing this a long time. You can trust us to get it done on time and for what you expect to pay. We make it convenient and easy by doing all the heavy lifting as well as taking care of the details, such as shopping for organizing supplies,  finding the right charity to donate your items or arranging for haulers to pick up discarded debris for recycling. We don’t tell you what to keep or toss. Instead, we help you make decisions you can live with. We save you money and sometimes even find your lost money.  We believe that most people want to be organized but would rather be doing something else then get organized.

What’s the benefit of hiring LET’S MAKE ROOM over your competitors?

Experience, peace of mind and a “ferocious” focus on protecting your interests, as one of our clients have said. When you feel stressed by your mess, our team will work with you to help you decide what to let go of for sale, consignment, donation or hauling. We will then carefully re-organize what you love, use and need back into your existing storage or recommend new storage solutions if appropriate.  We use the same care in taking care of your household items that we would if they were ours.

Are you a moving company?

No, LET’S MAKE ROOM is a residential organizing and move management company that helps homeowners organize their homes,  manage and organize their permanent and temporary moves to or from their homes, and coaches homeowners on how to be more efficient and organized at home.

Can you recommend a moving company?

Yes. We partner with many local San Francisco Bay Area businesses including professional movers, estate sellers, Realtors, design professionals, general contractors, and consignment services to insure that you are fully supported through your move or your organizing project.

Do you do packing or unpacking?

We provide full-unpacking services in your new home. Since we are not movers, we are not licensed to pack. We will contain most non-fragile household items, if you are remodeling and just need those items moved to another part of your home. We do not pack furniture or high value items and recommend you take advantage of your moving company’s professional packing services.

Can I just hire you to manage the move on move day?

Yes, you can.  To be sure that your move goes smoothly, we will want to meet with you at least twice beforehand to help you plan for your move. We hire great movers your can trust, help you determine furniture placement if you need it and make sure you will be ready for the movers when they arrive. On move day we ensure every furniture items  is placed according to your wishes. You can even hire us to do all the unpacking, so you are free to jump back into your life instead of living out of boxes.

What should I expect to pay for your service?

Please check out our fees and specials page. We recently revised our rates to accommodate our clients who are not on a tight deadline or who prefer to work with one organizing specialist.  If you have a large project or are moving, remodeling or unpacking, we are happy to quote you a project or hourly rate.

Do you work with “hoarders?”

It depends. Compulsive Hoarding Disorder is a mental health condition, now recognized by the American Psychiatric Association.  It is not just being “messy,” “lazy” or “unfocused.” The disorder is very complex and depending upon its severity, cannot be easily treated by professional organizing interventions alone. We occasionally work with individuals when they are living with this disorder provided they 1) are actively seeking help from an outside mental health professional 2) are committed to making change 3) have taken advantage of other community based resources such as peer support groups and 4) have the resources to afford our services. When we are unable to help, we will refer to colleagues within our industry who are qualified to work with people living with this disorder. Visit our Resources page for additional information.

Are you insured?

Yes, we are. Our insurance covers accidental damage to your personal property in the course of our work organizing your home. We strongly recommend you purchase separate insurance through your moving company or homeowners insurance carrier when you are relocating elsewhere to cover move-related loss or damage.

Are you licensed?

Yes and No. LET’S MAKE ROOM, LLC which operates LET’S MAKE ROOM is a limited liability corporation registered with the California Secretary of State. We maintain a Business Tax Certificate with the city of Oakland, California.  Our industry, however is not regulated, and therefore not licensed, by the State of California, which is why we recommend you choose carefully when hiring a professional organizer. Unfortunately there is nothing that can legally prevent anyone from calling themselves a “professional organizer” or “move manager” regardless of their experience or training.

Do you sell gift certificates?

Yes, but…Many well-meaning individuals often want to help family and friends get organized with the “gift” of organizing help. We recommend that you first speak with the individual you would like to help before you consider purchasing a gift certificate from us. This is because, unlike other types of residential services (plumbing, painting, remodeling), the decision to hire an organizer is often a very personal decision. Furthermore it requires the active commitment of the person with whom we would be working. Organizing is as much if not more about the person than about their possessions. We recommend you first discuss your desire to help directly with the individual in a caring and supportive way. Then if you wish, suggest they meet with us. You can offer to pay for their first consultation.

Do you throw out my belongings?

Not without your permission.   At the start and throughout our organizing work we will ask you what you wish to keep and what you are ready to let go of through either sale, donation or disposal. We give you the option to review what we’ve sorted before it leaves your home. However, once we remove it, we typically donate it right away to make room in our vehicles for other items. We believe in empowering our clients to make decisions that can achieve their goals. We will however ask your permission, up front, to gently question you if we notice you are retaining items that appear to be in direct contradiction to your goals or our established agreements with you. However, you have the ultimate say in what gets kept and what finds a new home elsewhere.

Do I need to be there when you are organizing my home?

Not necessarily. The one time we do prefer you to be available is during the “editing” phase of our work when you decide what you wish to retain or let go of. You will only need to do this if we determine the quantity of items you own exceeds the amount of your available space or storage.

I’m not very knowledgeable about computers or technology. Will this impact our work together?

No. We can work with you regardless of whether you prefer to use paper or a digital device. We know that some people are just more comfortable with paper and others with technology. Our approach is to make recommendations based on the way you work, think and live. If we need to reach you in-between appointments, we will ask you to provide us with your preferred contact method.

Do you work with seniors?

Yes. We specialize in working with people aged 55 and over. Whenever possible, and with our client’s permission, we also like to involve adult family members and/or others who are involved in their lives to be sure we are best meeting their needs.