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There are times in our lives when we feel stuck and need a little inspiration to help us move forward.

We may know what we want, but it feels out of reach. Or maybe all we know is that we want something new, but are not able to define it.

When we feel like we’re stuck in the muck of life, it’s easy to convince ourselves that this is it. This is where our life path led us. That is, if we even stop to think about it long enough. 

Most of us don’t spend a lot of time figuring out “what’s next” in our life, let alone today, this month, or this year. There always seem to be “more important” things to think about. 

Plus, even if we did take the time to plan our next steps in life, there isn’t always a clear roadmap to get from point Z to point A.

But, what if we could shift our perspective so the actions we need to take start to become obvious and achievable? 

Break Free From What’s Holding You Back

It’s amazing what can happen when we just spend a little time talking with someone who can truly hear us. And even though we may have reached out to close friends and family to talk about our feelings, sometimes it takes an objective field guide to fully capture and reflect the essence of what we don’t know we know!

It can be truly transformative and dissolve the barriers to what holds us back.

When we gain new insight into our beliefs and perspectives, we can actually be free to create new pathways in our minds for problem-solving. Suddenly, what we want starts to come into focus. We find ourselves having agency and control over our lives.

We go from feeling like a feather in the wind to the wind itself. Strong, powerful, and impactful.

Discover What Drives You

If what you need right now is a way to overcome what is getting in your way, even if you are not sure what that is, perhaps you could use some guidance, reflection, and support. 

This is not therapy, though I practice compassion and want to see you succeed. I use a collaborative, coaching approach to help you discover what’s really important to you, and how to see yourself as the director of your own life.

Curious? Let’s get acquainted. You can schedule a free, no-obligation engagement session with me to learn how I work and how I can be of help to you.

Lis Golden McKinley, M.A., Coach, Author, Business Owner

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Feel empowered to do more of what you love.

“I really felt like you were actively listening to what I was saying and what I was feeling. (You) asked me really probing questions to reflect on. Those questions then pushed me in the right direction for me to critically think of solutions to my problems that I would not have thought of myself.”- Christina

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