Get Organized

A BIG thank you … you, and your wonderful, amazing crew made the impossible possible. Not only did you accomplish the task of cleaning, clearing and organizing my basement (filled with 30 years of stuff … I don’t part with things easily!) … you made it fun.  – Lee B.





Is the clutter in your home keeping you from living your best life?

Organizing your home is something you want to do, but don’t because you have no idea where to start. You are either too busy with work or family obligations or the thought of tackling it alone is too overwhelming.

At LET’S MAKE ROOM we bring order back to the way you want to live, creating calm from chaos. We take time to get to know your lifestyle because we believe getting organized is more about making room for you and less about putting things in containers (although we love containers). We don’t tell you what to keep or toss, rather, we help you make decisions you can live with.

Our team approach is designed to provide the convenience of short-term, start-to-finish organizing with an emphasis on imparting our knowledge so you can maintain your newly organized space after we’re gone.

We help you make room in your life for what matters most.

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