Fees & Specials

What we promise

We promise to exceed your expectations for the cost.   

We promise to help you meet your goals. We will gently remind you of this, with your permission.

We promise you more value.  We do not charge for time spent on the phone, in email or via text with you to answer your questions or direct you to our extensive list of resources.

We promise not to leave or sign off on anything until you are satisfied. We review our estimates as well as any mover estimates with you so you know exactly what you are getting.

We promise to represent you above all others. We work with great partners including movers, designers, IT professionals, estate sellers and real estate professionals but you, not they, are our client.

Fees for services

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Get Organized

FREE 30-minute phone consultation

“Light” Organizing*  – $180/per hour (4-hour minimum) two organizers.  

*No garages, attics, basements, infested, high dust areas, extreme clutter or rush jobs. 

Designed for when you prefer to work with an organizer, one-on-one, or need help organizing your papers, a small room, closet or work area.

“Heavy” Organizing* – $1,860 per day. Three organizers including project lead.  Initial consultation and planning session $250.

Designed for larger areas such as garages, basements attics, offices, larger kitchens, highly cluttered living areas, whole home organizing, extensive shelf-lining or projects requiring quick turnaround.

For all organizing services, you can expect us to:

  • Sort all contents before working with you to decide what will be retained, sold, donated or tossed
  • Transport and/or arrange for truck pick up of items for donation or destruction (e.g., paper, hard drives).
  • Manage or arrange for estate, private or consignment sales of high value items. (We do not recommend “garage” or “yard” sales.)
  • Shop for any recommended organizing supplies or space-saving products at no additional charge

Get Moved

FREE 30-minute phone consultation

In-home move planning consultation $250 (credited back on your final invoice)

  • Discuss and get answers to all your relocation and questions. Advise you on movers, insurance, moving costs.
  • After a complete walk through of you home, help you decide what to keep, sell, donate and dispose and how we can help with all three.
  • Prepare a personalized relocation plan to include options for downsizing, managing your move, onsite floor planning* and complete home set-up services* (unpacking/organizing) in your new home.

*At this time, we provide home setup and floor planning services in the San Francisco/East Bay Area only. We can connect you with our move management partners outside our service area, upon request. 

Complete Move Management Service: $2,200

  • Two pre-move meetings to do a visual walkthrough, move planning, furniture inventory, floor and/or storage planning.
  • Offsite time to arrange for mover estimates and review of estimates, negotiating whenever possible
  • Supervision of movers on pack and move days to ensure everything goes according to plan, and nothing gets left behind. Troubleshooting as needed

Unpacking and Home Set up – Starting at $180/ hour

  • Complete or partial unpacking, organizing and home set up (living and storage areas):
  • Can be done in as little as three days for an average size 2-bedroom/2 bath home.

While we can pack non-fragile items, we recommend using the professional packing services of your preferred movers since liability for loss or damage rests with the packer. 

Get More from Life with Lis McKinley, M.A. Clinical Psychology, Certified Professional Organizer ®

No cost for initial consultation. Schedule using this link: https://calendly.com/letsmakeroom/30min

Individual consultation. Schedule using this link: https://calendly.com/letsmakeroom/virtual-organizing-with-lis-mckinley-1-hour

Package of four, 1-hour weekly sessions:  $350.  Pre-payment required prior to first scheduled session.


*Services do not include fees for licensed professional movers, $25 daily fuel/travel surcharge, outside hauling fees or retail cost of recommended organizing bins, storage systems or products retained by client.