Get Organized Services

Free 30 Minute Get Organized Phone Consultation

Call us for a free, no-obligation, Get Organized phone consultation. Let us know what you need to get organized – living, office, storage areas or something else – and what you’ve already tried. If we can help you, we will. If we can’t, we will refer you to other qualified, professionals in our extended network. Even if you decide you’re not ready, we promise you’ll receive practical information you can use.

Get Organized Extended Consultation & Demonstration

Get OrganizedWhen you choose to move forward we schedule an extended onsite consultation. Since the nature of our work together is personal, we include an organizing demonstration of our unique method so you’ll experience how we work in a real organizing situation. Plan on meeting with us for 2-3 hours during which you can expect us to:

  • Discuss your goals, needs, timeline and budget
  • Ask you to take us through the areas of your home you want organized.
  • Ask you to share your observations with us about how you want your space to work and what is not working for you now.
  • Make recommendations based on our professional judgment, designed for the way you live
  • Follow up with a personalized plan and proposal designed to address your needs, goals, timeline and budget

Get Organized Hands-on Service

Once you decide to work with us, our experienced team of organizing specialists will arrive at your home: tools, bags, boxes and other working supplies in hand. You can expect us to:

    • Carefully sort and categorize your belongings
    • Support and coach you to decide what to retain or part with to help you achieve your goals
    • Obtain, purchase or source recommended organizing supplies or whenever possible, use what you already own.
    • Work with you to “assign” homes for your retained items so you can easily find them after we leave
    • Label and/or contain loose items
    • Remove anything you’ve decided to donate and provide you with a tax receipt for your records.

*Visit our resources page for our recommended residential-services partners.