4 things you should toss from every room in your home


·      Expired food

·      Unused appliances

·      Broken Dishes

·      Unused cookbooks


·      Household bills, paid and more than a year old

·      Office supplies that have never been used

·      Empty or old reference binders

·      Mystery cables


·      Unused or broken sports equipment

·      Broken or rusty tools

·      Old, nearly empty paint cans

·      Collectibles that you wouldn’t display


Living Room

·      Broken furniture that’s never been fixed

·      Unused or broken picture frames

·      Faded art work

·      Collectibles that don’t bring fond memories

Dining Room

·      Stained linens (tablecloths and napkins)

·      Souvenir wine glasses

·      Old, half-burned candles

·      Vases that came with a flower delivery


·      Toys if your children have outgrown them

·      VHS and cassette tapes

·      Broken game equipment

·      Exercise equipment that’s no longer used


·      Old magazines that hold no value for you

·      Moldy books

·      Musical instruments you no longer play or use

·      Paperback books you’ll never read again


·      Expired medications

·      Travel supplies you’d never travel with

·      Musty or torn towels

·      Nearly empty containers


·      Broken luggage

·      Boots and shoes that have lost their match

·      Old or outdated coats

·      Holiday décor that’s never been used

By “toss” I mean, dispose of responsibly.

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