Getting Organized Becomes An “Aha” Moment

Have you ever wondered why you can’t seem to get organized?Oakland Organizer

You’re an intelligent, productive, talented human being.

The truth is organization has less to do with your space and every thing to do with your mind.

What you believe?
What you feel?
What you assume is the correct way to live and work?

At LET’S MAKE ROOM, I work with you to understand what keeps you stuck and disorganized. We do this work together by talking about the beliefs and assumptions you hold onto about your living and working spaces and yourself.

I invite you to talk about how you feel about your disorganization and what you think would make a difference. Then I work with you to implement a system you can maintain because it reflects how YOU think and work.

A “one-size fits all” approach to organizing won’t work over the long term. It’s not just about putting things in pretty containers. If you’re feeling unproductive and unfocused, your space will reflect that. Just organizing a specific space alone may temporarily treat the symptoms of disorganization but not the cause. Before long you’ll find yourself back where you started.

My training is in Psychology, Behavioral Health and Human Development and my expertise and understanding can help you transform your personal beliefs and habits so you will feel motivated to finally get your life and space in order.

I can help you transform your space in a way that fits you.

Here’s a true story about one of my clients.

Julie, a Leadership and Organizational Consultant, helps other businesses become successful. But when it came to her own office, Julie was feeling overwhelmed and it was starting to impact her productivity.

Julie hired LET’S MAKE ROOM to help her organize her office. She had stacks of piles on a small desk that were creeping on to her floor. She was losing focus and worried about it impacting her business. Before consulting with LET’S MAKE ROOM, Julie considered investing in a bigger desk and possibly even an entire new “office system.”

I asked Julie about her space and how she liked to work. It turned out Julie did her best work standing up. She described the way she worked much like a modern artist paints; creating ideas across a wide canvas. It became obvious that a desk of any size was just not the right “canvas” for Julie’s creativity.

So I found a dry erase wall covering to fit the way Julie actually worked – in images, words and color. Our goal was to create a space that could both free her mind to create, as well as function as a professional space to conduct her business.

Julie’s previous “belief” was that she was not productive unless she was sitting at a desk. Yet, sitting at her desk she would find ways to get off-track and distracted by all her clutter.

Through her work with me and LET’S MAKE ROOM, Julie came to realize she was a creative person who felt better working another way. This “new belief” freed her up to think creatively again.

She told me, “working with you was truly a transformative experience. I had a huge “aha”about what I need and how I need to work to be productive and successful.”

“I could have moved my furniture or bought new furniture but I couldn’t have discovered how to be truly engaged and productive without you. Now I have a whole new framework for how I work now that frees up my spirit, my creativity and my productivity.”

Music to my ears.

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  1. Great example of how investing in expensive new gear is not the best place to start!

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