Is it time to move?

Sometimes circumstances such as a remodel, a growing family, changes in your health or a job change, require you to move out of your home entirely or even partially. House in Box_1024

If one or more of the following scenarios matches your current situation, then it may make the most sense for you to move:

  • You are planning to remodel a significant portion of your home.
  • Your family has outgrown your existing home
  • You have more home then you need and don’t or can’t keep up with regular maintenance
  • You or your spouse just got a new job in a different state
  • It would cost you more to invest in your home to meet your current needs then it would to move
  • Property values in your neighborhood are on the decline
  • You have decided your current home and lifestyle no longer suit you.
  • You have ruled out a remodel for financial or other reasons
  • You want, or need to resize, downsize or minimize your home and it’s contents

While moving is almost always stressful, at LET’S MAKE ROOM we make it easier.  We can get all your unwanted items sold, donated or hauled.  We arrange for and direct your movers on pack and move day (even if you can’t be there) and we will even unpack, organize and set up everything in your new home* after the movers leave. Contact us to learn more.
* SF/Bay Area only or elsewhere by request

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