Moving Doesn’t Have To Be Scary

Editor’s Note: Judy Dang, a San Francisco Bay Area Writer and Designer with a particular knack for making spaces look beautiful, surprised me today with this wonderful blog that highlights the work we do at LET’S MAKE ROOM. I thought it was worth re-posting. Also, the image posted here was created by Judy herself. To learn more about Judy (who, by the way, has partnered with me on several organizing projects), visit her site at

Moving shouldn't be scary

Original artwork by Judy Dang

New home? Downsizing? Moving in with a partner? Changing jobs? Don’t be afraid of a move.

Hiring a move manager who orchestrates the entire process takes the fear and stress away. There are so many details to think about, it can be overwhelming: new schools, new job, new neighborhood.
We may feel that we should be able to do it on our own or that it costs too much but when you consider the hours prepping, packing and unpacking, it’s well worth it.
Wouldn’t you rather spend that time enjoying your new place than unpacking boxes week after week?
My 4 Tips to Reduce Move Stress

  1. Keep your calendar clear around the time of the move, both before and after
  2. Get plenty of sleep
  3. Focus on the positives of why you’re moving
  4. Hire Let’s Make Room to manage your move!

Let’s Make Room is a SF Bay Area move management company that has your best interest at heart. Lis McKinley and her team of expert organizers makes sure every detail is handled efficiently. And they can have you moved in and unpacked in 2-3 days! Think back to your last move and how much time it took on your own. Weeks? Months?
For your next move, call Lis and she’ll take care of everything for you!

Happy Halloween!

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  1. Thanks for posting! Moving delicate devices and instruments like piano, need some preparations. Hiring a professional is best to avoid damages and health issues.

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