The devil’s in the details but the angels are getting them done

DetailsWhen it comes to moving, the devil is in the details but so are the angels if you treat them right.

Imagine you’ve decided to sell your home  (or fully remodel it) which means you will also need to move.  The goal is set. Now comes the work. You’ll have to find a new home to buy or rent or if you’re lucky enough, move into another home you already own.

You’ll have to figure out what you’re moving, how you’re moving, where you’re moving and how much it’s all going to cost. You’ll have to make hundreds if not thousands of decisions and hopefully you’ll have help from people you can trust.

Along the way you’ll get guidance and advice (hopefully all good) from Real Estate Professionals, Design Professionals, General or Specialty Contractors, Professional Organizers, Moving and Storage Companies, Financial Advisors, Charitable organizations not to mention friends, family and your neighbors.

The people you hire or work with can be your guardian angel or the devil incarnate. The former will help you make decisions you’re thrilled with or at least, ones you can live with. The latter will force you to make decisions you’ll later regret.

They should understand and actively demonstrate their understanding of your concerns, priorities, goals, aesthetic, budget, vision, preferences, lifestyle, and what you value – both tangible and intangible. They should also respect your time.

I have found it’s much easier to bend over backwards for nice people than it is to be helpful to mean ones – but that doesn’t mean I don’t try. After all that’s what being  a professional is all about. Respect.

My grandmother used to always tell me, “You get back what you put in.”  In other words, treat others as you would want to be treated or better yet, as they themselves would wish to be treated.

Surround yourself with people who make your concerns, their concerns. Behind the scenes they are handling a thousand different details on your behalf. You’ll know the angels when you see them because they are getting things done.



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